FREE Swarm Removal

FREE Swarm Removal

Honeybees want to swarm. It's how they naturally propagate more colonies. While a swarming cloud of bees in the air, or a basketball size cluster of bees on a low hanging branch can be intimidating, they are simply waiting for a handful of scout bees to tell them where their next home will be. 

When a colony of bees runs out of room in their hive, several things take place. The queen stops laying to slim down for flight. Scout bees head out to look for the colonies next home. Worker and nurse beens start to raise a new queen from one of the eggs the old queen laid. Just before the new queen emerges, about half the colony fills their stomachs with honey and together they leave the hive they have outgrown and land in a cluster on a fence post, tree branch, side of a car or building, and wait for the scout bees to return. When they do, the swarm heads to their new home with resources they need -honey, bees and a laying queen. They start in to build comb and seek our local resources-pollen and nectar, so they can build comb to store honey and for the queen to lay eggs in. 

Meanwhile back in the old hive, the new virgin queen emerges and heads out on her breeding flights, the remaining half of the colony continues to forage, make honey and finishes raising the bees that were laid by the old queen. When the newly bred queen returns she begins to lay eggs, picking up where the old queen left off. Now one colony has become two. 

When you see a swarm, those are the bees who left their old hive and are waiting for the scout bees to return. Their stomachs are full. Think of it as they feel the way we might feel Thanksgiving after dinner. They are docile and this is the time they can be captured and re-hived into a new home. 

We routinely and humanely capture and relocating honeybee swarms. If you need a swarm removed from your property to a safe place, time is of the essence, please call, text or send us a message to request a swarm removal. We are happy to help. 

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