Living Water International

Living Water International

It’s not about the honey.

Our underlying mission is to help drill clean water wells around the world in places where people do not have access to this basic life necessity.

Over the years we have personally had the privilege of working internationally and have seen first-hand the devastating and far-reaching effects of the global water crisis. How much of a crisis is it?

-703 million people lack basic access to safe water, roughly 1 in 12.

-Every two minutes a child under five dies from a preventable waterborne disease.

-In sub-Saharan Africa, women and girls spend and estimated 40 billion hours a year collecting water.

-829,000 people die each year as a result of unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation and hygiene.

-It is estimated that 443 million school days are lost each year due to water-related illnesses.

-The water crisis is an economic crisis as families spend time walking for water, and spending money on treating water borne diseases.

We are committed to helping create long term sustainable solutions that provide safe water that create healthy people, healthy homes, healthy schools, healthy churches, healthy communities, and healthy villages.

When you buy honey from us, we give forty percent of all sales to Living Water International to help accomplish this mission. Living Water International understands that this crisis is “more than just water.” So in addition to hiring local labor to drill wells, through a variety of avenues they are “on the ground” working to educate communities about water, sanitation and hygiene.

So far we have helped in places on the African continent, as well as South and Central America. We look forward to continuing to support future clean water projects as our honey sales grow.

Don't get us wrong, we love bees, and the things they make and the way they pollinate. We marvel at the organization of the "superorganism" of a colony of bees. In “superorganisms” such as bee colonies, the interactions of the individual members add up to benefit the entire colony. In short the actions of one, impacts the whole. When it comes to the global water crisis, the same can be true. The interactions of individuals can add up to benefit the whole.

We also love how these little creatures reflect the glory of their creator.

But we really love their creator more, and we value the things that He values, human life.

When you buy honey from us, you become part of the solution to this global crisis.

Thank you for buying honey from us, but it's not about the honey. 

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